Frequently Asked Questions

An interactive website feature that advises your prospects what to do now about a topic important to them—using your automated, personalized assessment of their answers to a few short questions.
Ask a few short questions to discover where readers need help to solve a problem or reach a goal and qualify them as a prospective client, customer or fan.

Assemble a personalized outcome for each user from your pre-stored expert content that:

  • assesses the situation
  • provides your expert advice on what to do now
  • presents appropriate offers
Consultants, service providers and other subject matter experts—working independently, or in consulting firms, startups, or enterprise teams—who need a fast, effective, affordable way to connect with their ideal clients.
Tools like Contextly, AddThis and Brightinfo recommend published content based on reader browsing history or other rules. That’s not precise enough for people who want to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Expertise Samples use the answers to a few short questions to produce personalized reports that deliver your specific, expert advice on what to do now.
Enroll in our free course. Use the Wow Factor Assessment in Lesson 1 to discover whether you have the right stuff to make Expertise Samples work for you. The assessment is itself an Expertise Sample, so you will experience the engagement from the prospect’s perspective.
Don’t use them alone, use them as part of an integrated program.

Not at the top. That’s for referrals and pr.  It’s at the next stage, to validate the prospect’s due diligence and get short listed as a candidate.

There is a bonus feedback loop:  a Wow Moment experience motivates  prospects to refer you to colleagues, producing new leads.

The best way is to work with the Sample Your Brilliance team in a private, collaborative, online workshop. We use our online platform to build, host, deliver and manage your Expertise Sample in a subscription service.
Typically, about 30 days from start to launch—if you have available expert content, and you promptly review of work in progress in our private, collaborative online workshop. The process is described in our free course and free Win Clients with Expertise Samples eBook.
An experienced web designer can build Expertise Samples using the framework and concepts presented in the free course. As with any marketing campaign, it takes creative and promotion skills to produce a compelling user experience. We suggest you work with us to produce a successful outcome quickly and economically with our low-touch managed service.
Creating Expertise Samples is not rocket science. But it does requires creative and marketing skill. For best results, orchestrate each Expertise Sample with other marketing tools across your customer lifecycle—from awareness to engagement, fulfillment, and retention.

We provide custom Expertise Samples as a managed service—not a self-service tool—so consultants can focus on client service delivery.

The Sample Your Brilliance team are experts in creating strategy, concepts, content for professional services. And uniquely qualified to perform that service for you.

We sign an NDA before we get started and your IP remains with you.
Our service consists of an initial solution development fee plus an ongoing subscription for hosting and performance optimization. Prices are quoted based on project scope, and are competitive with digital media blogging and email campaigns.

We are offering a 6-month waiver of the monthly subscription fee to visionary early adopters and the marketing agencies who serve them as we groom our service for wider release.

We designed our service to accommodate the busy and unpredictable schedules of consultants.  Our repeatable process and software development platform provide online transparency in a low touch experience. The development phase requires some knowledge transfer, but our process enables collaboration and work in progress review asynchronously, online, at your convenience.

 If you don’t find your answer here, Send an Email and we’ll reply to you promptly.