The Sample Your Brilliance Story

Why we created Expertise Samples

hourglassToday, consultants face intense competition to attract qualified clients. But the intangible nature of professional services takes time and effort to communicate.

In our years of working with professional services clients at ad agencies and web developers, we learned that marketing agencies are seldom a good fit for busy consulting firms.

Client service priorities make it hard for consultants to devote the time required to educate the agency with the insights and knowledge to publish blog posts in the frequency required by today’s content marketing strategies.

And in any case, that’s not how your team wants to spend their time.

All of which means that a solution must be web-based, use ‘evergreen’ content that does not require frequent publishing, and both engages and qualifies prospects so your team can focus their limited time on closing leads quickly.

How we did it

balloonWe focused on an interactive Q&A model, which has the advantage of using the familiar discovery, assessment, outcome format that consultants use to deliver services.

The challenge was to design a solution that is fast and affordable to produce, deliver enough specific value to each user to convince them that you are the expert they need, and manage it all in an efficient, transparent process.

We call that Minimum Viable Expertisea narrowly-defined, personalized outcome that is relevant to virtually every prospective client.

We deliver it to each user in a fully outsourced process  run by a qualified senior team.

How it works

forkOne of the biggest problems in business—as in life—is knowing what to do now.

Finding the answer depends on knowing what questions to ask.

What if you could ask those questions on your website—and let prospects sample your brilliance in your insightful reply?

You could convince them that you are the expert they need without pitching, proposals and presentations.

Asking the right questions and providing your insightful what to do now advice sets Expertise Samples apart from search engines, ebooks, whitepapers, consultants, self-help gurus—and all the other places people turn to for answers.

So here is the question for you

Are you ready for prospects to sample your brilliance?

If you act now, you can join our Expertise Sample Early Adopters. Use your own Expertise Sample to gain quick competitive advantage and get 6 months of free hosting and optimization services—a value equivalent to your Expertise Sample development cost alone.  

But spaces are limited, so contact us now by email or schedule a call to learn more. 

Meet our founders

keithKeith Patterson was spending too much time pitching new business and qualifying prospects at his advertising and web design business—whose clients included Xerox, Microsoft, Philips, Lucasfilm Games, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Pioneer, Kao and numerous startups. And he realized that his professional services clients had the same problem.

So Keith co-founded Sample Your Brilliance to create an effective way for consultants and other service businesses to spend less time pitching their expertise and more time using it.

Keith is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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mattMatt Cascardi was building websites for business clients in the Bay Area and decided that it made more sense to use his programming skills to build and market a product.

Matt designed and built a powerful, elegant platform to create, host, and manage personalized consulting mini-engagements and embed them in consultant blogs and websites.

Matt is a graduate of California State University, Chico.
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